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February 27

BBM attempts to resurrect with KeyOne

Just weeks after my article, which described Blackberry as a toppling manufacturer, the Canadian manufacturer is expected to come back with another flagship smartphone – KeyOne. To be honest, I am quite surprised by the manufacturer’s attempt to resurrect in the market with the feature that destroyed them – physical keyboard. Ever since software companies began […]

February 17

Canadian Smartphone Manufacturer topples in the global market

Once thought to be the dark-horse in the midst of a competitive market, the Canadian-based smartphone manufacturer, Blackberry, topples in the global market with reports of global market share being zeroed out. Despite Blackberry’s efforts to remain in the market by switching to Android, Blackberry’s failure was dooming well before 2017. Just several years ago, people and […]

March 06

GSM, CDMA, WCDMA? So confusing!

One of the biggest difficulties with purchasing phones for your prepaid carrier is compatibility. Terms like GSM, CDMA, 4G, WCDMA will confuse your brain so much! Well, take it easy and we will walk you through. WCDMA – Wide Band Code Division Multiple Access (UMTS) Before we talk about 4G or GSM. You must know WCDMA which stands for […]

Use your phone on both sides?!

Yota Phone? Use your phone on both sides! Coming up in CES held in Las Vegas, there is a really cool phone that is being launched. It is “Yota” Dual sided phone launched by Yota. Yota is a IT manufacturer located in Russia, and for the first time they are releasing its first flagship smartphone […]