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February 27

BBM attempts to resurrect with KeyOne

Just weeks after my article, which described Blackberry as a toppling manufacturer, the Canadian manufacturer is expected to come back with another flagship smartphone – KeyOne. To be honest, I am quite surprised by the manufacturer’s attempt to resurrect in the market with the feature that destroyed them – physical keyboard. Ever since software companies began […]

February 17

Canadian Smartphone Manufacturer topples in the global market

Once thought to be the dark-horse in the midst of a competitive market, the Canadian-based smartphone manufacturer, Blackberry, topples in the global market with reports of global market share being zeroed out. Despite Blackberry’s efforts to remain in the market by switching to Android, Blackberry’s failure was dooming well before 2017. Just several years ago, people and […]

February 06

The human way to reach immortality…

Over the last few years, as I wrote, I have never given spotlight towards artificial intelligence. However, recently as I watched my favorite TV show ‘Scorpion’ my interest towards this subject grew. So before I begin, you may wonder the exact definition of artificial intelligence (AI). According to AlanTuring.Net, “AI is usually defined as the […]

January 23

Different and alike with Apple [Brief]

As many of you have noticed, the Chinese electronics company – Xiaomi – isn’t ceasing to grow. For example, last year Xiaomi defeated Apple and took over top spot in the Chinese market. What is it with Xiaomi that allows them to grow so fast and popular compared to its domestic competitors like Huawei and […]

July 06

World’s leading IT nation’s restrictive market…

Korea is a renown leading nation in the tech world. As shown in the statistics on the left, Korea has the world’s fastest internet and two leading smartphone manufacturers. However, foreigners are not quite aware of the restrictive market in Korea. 쇄국정책 <Closed-Door Policy>  In the 1800s, Korea was well known to the foreign nations […]

June 03

iOS Block / Pushing iOS – New and Unseen [updated]

[2016 Updates] Hello readers, I wish you all a happy new year. I have been on a quite long break from writing posts on my blog. Starting this year [2016], I will be reviewing previous articles and republishing after edits to ensure quality. Until then, many of the articles will be on ‘private‘ status. However, […]

June 01

Connect to YouTube, Google in China without VPN! (Mac)

Hello readers, I am pretty sure that all are you are fond of the censorship existing in China. How could you bypass censorship? How can you not use a VPN that costs over $99? Well, here is a method you could simply follow. First step… You would need a computer, server, or VPS, located out […]