February 27

BBM attempts to resurrect with KeyOne


The KeyOne – image source: The Verge

Just weeks after my article, which described Blackberry as a toppling manufacturer, the Canadian manufacturer is expected to come back with another flagship smartphone – KeyOne.

To be honest, I am quite surprised by the manufacturer’s attempt to resurrect in the market with the feature that destroyed them – physical keyboard. Ever since software companies began to roll out applications like baked goods, people craved for larger screens. Larger screens equated to more space for the user to enjoy and engage with a given content. Years before, Apple also had to give up its stubbornnes and adapt to the consumer trend. Nevertheless, Blackberry did not want to give up on its QWERTY keyboards.

According to other pundits, those who had hands-on experience with the phone, this smartphone might be the best consumers have ever seen with the firm. The phone, even from pictures, look sleek and solid. Of course, this phone will not be a game-changer for the company to go shoulders with Apple, Samsung, or LG. However, the phone is a light in the midst of horror for Blackberry fans who have been wanting an upgrade.