January 23

Different and alike with Apple [Brief]

As many of you have noticed, the Chinese electronics company – Xiaomi – isn’t ceasing to grow. For example, last year Xiaomi defeated Apple and took over top spot in the Chinese market. What is it with Xiaomi that allows them to grow so fast and popular compared to its domestic competitors like Huawei and ZTE?


photo from mi.com

Multiple Products #different

All his life, Jobs was against from distributing focus into multiple products. Towards the last moments of his life, Jobs gave an deathbed advice to Larry Page [Founder of Google] to prioritize on one or two products. Or else, the company will fall apart like Microsoft. However, despite Jobs’s business philosophy, Google went against the deathbed advice and is very successful unlike Microsoft. Xiaomi, although never had actual contact with Jobs, is also going against Jobs’s business philosophy. From routers to airpurifiers, Xiaomi produces many products in hope to innovate at least one of the industries. Xiaomi’s business strategies are working very well because the vast amount of products help in improving the company’s reputation.

Simpleness #alike

When people imagine an Apple product, they could immediately think of simple, round-edged products. Apple’s noteworthy design philosophy has always been, “Less but more.” Although the initial approach seemed as a ‘copy-cat’ move, Xiaomi’s design is evolving to have its own style. Simple and beautiful. Many people still draw a parallel between Apple products and Xiaomi’s, however I believe Xiaomi will later be recognized as its own brand instead of ‘Chinese Apple

I use two different Xiaomi products, Mi Scale and the battery. So far so good, I believe Xiaomi has great potential to become a larger company but with its limitations. Xiaomi currently competes with friendly prices and elegant design, but the company itself does not own the popularity it needs to be successful.