June 03

iOS Block / Pushing iOS – New and Unseen [updated]

[2016 Updates]

Hello readers,

I wish you all a happy new year. I have been on a quite long break from writing posts on my blog. Starting this year [2016], I will be reviewing previous articles and republishing after edits to ensure quality. Until then, many of the articles will be on ‘private‘ status. However, the most popular posts are still live on my blog.



Take a look at this video, which demonstrates iOS Block (Pushing iOS). Isn’t it amazing? I was fascinated and wondered the mechanism to this. Check the video below, for the actual explanation.

If you watched the video, I would like to say “Isn’t that amazing?” If not, please spend 10 minutes watching both videos, as it is worth it.

I hope Apple would try something innovative like this with their next versions of iOS. Until then, I would like to give a virtual round of applause for Jay Machalani!