May 12


Reset your SMC for Intel based Macbook || May Updates

Hello readers,

OneTouch Mobility is back for articles after a month of refreshment. Today, I will like to give you some updates for May, and a quick tutorial in resetting your SMC (System Management Controller).

May Updates  (New Category) 

I had a month of relaxation and refreshment to brainstorm new ideas for a better experience for the readers. First up, is an addition in post categories – How To & DIY Repair. Articles of this category is designed to help you learn do cool tasks or fix a problem. How often will this category be updated? Well, because of time restraints articles will be posted for this category once a month.

May Updates (Unfinished services & postponed services)

OneTouch Mobility was eager to launch new services such as the OTI VPN, Bo-Ree, OTI-Cloud, and more. However, due to the limits we are getting for human resources, OTI Cloud will be postponed at least for a year. OTIVPN, was scheduled for a release in April. Unfortunately, due to SSL error “heart-bleed”, we are regenerating and reinforcing security certificates. Bo-Ree is having some troubles and we hope to see him come in an year or so.

May Updates (Additional fixes)

Throughout the second quarter of the year, OneTouch Mobility will focus on refining infrastructures of influestions, and our sales site.

SMC Management

SMC is the System Management Controller for your mac. It controls your heat fan, backlight LED, and power. However, if it fails your computer won’t charge, backlight LED will be malfunctioning and your fans will be excessively noisy. How do you fix this? Well, you will plug your mac to the adapter. Then shut down your computer. After that while you boot, press the (left side) Shift-Control-Options keys. After, you will release them all at the same time. After it boots up, “DING” It will be done. Thank you.