We have seen Windows 8.1!

Yes, the next version of Windows from Microsoft is Windows 8.1. We have been able to see a Microsoft Confidential Version of Windows 8.1 through a corporate member. No, we cannot upload any screenshots or mention the corporate member due to privacy policy. However, these are some new rocking? features that Microsoft will claim very soon.

windows 8

Smarter Search

From the Windows 8.1 you have a smarter search option. You can now type in keywords and get search results from the web. This function has been available with Mac Mountain Lion – Spotlight. Therefore, you would not be that amazed.


Is this the new Windows 8 Start button? No. The new Windows 8.1 startbutton is a navy colored button with a very small size. If you click the start  button, it goes directly to the Windows 8 tile screen. It is not the function we have hoped for, but people who did not want to navigate their mouse to the corner and wait, this is something you need. If you right click the start button, you have options to go to the desktop and more.

If you think this is our prediction, you are wrong. We can verify it for you once the software is released.